We are committed to unlocking the resource potential in the stacked pay core of the Permian Basin, where the majority of our reserves and production are concentrated.

We are also committed to a set of core characteristics that shape the way we do business.

  • Safe

    Safety is our first priority, and we are uncompromising on health and well-being in pursuit of our objectives.

  • Responsive

    Our focused strategy and nimble organizational structure allow us to act quickly when opportunities arise to accelerate our progress.

  • Rewarding

    Parsley Energy is committed to a culture of challenging and encouraging our employees and rewarding them for their hard work and good ideas.

  • Adaptive

    We are always open to new ideas, technologies and ways of doing business. If changes align with our strategy, we won't hesitate to make them.

  • Financially Flexible

    We seek to maintain a financial position that allows us to create value and be opportunistic across market cycles.

  • Competitive

    We are driven to be the best at what we do and our motivation to improve inspires our success and rewarding atmosphere.